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mtb International Consulting is a Management Consulting & Business Development firm specializing in Business Growth.

A tough economic environment and a tight market call for tough decisions. Domestic and global competition is stiffer than ever. The traditional way businesses have been operating for so many years is completely outdated. It is of vital importance that companies cut costs and increase their efficiency and effectiveness while reducing waste. In order to maintain and increase your bottom-line it is too risky to just rely on top-line growth which can be only controlled so much anyway. The key to success is Operational Excellence which puts your employees at the center stage  of all your continuous improvement efforts enhancing customer satisfaction and the overall well-being of your company.

mtb International Consulting helps small and mid-sized organizations achieve higher performance through lower costs, improved productivity and quality, giving them the competitive advantage over their competition. Our experienced business consultants and coaches will work with your staff to find the right solution for your business needs.

How does mtb International Consulting accomplish this for you?

We offer consulting services, training, coaching and mentoring in the development and deployment of Operational Excellence strategies.

mtb International Consulting specializes in improving business processes using Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office and Lean Healthcare principles, Six Sigma methodologies and Business Integration Solutions to achieve the desired results. Our provision of services ranges from initial assessments to workshops to remote and on-site consulting from the early planning stage to the final implementation.

mtb International Consulting’s experienced consultants are experts in Business Process Improvement and in implementing simple, sustainable customized solutions. Our result oriented and dedicated approach to delivering relevant information, hands-on services and on-going support contributes to the success of our clients.